I am a senior undergraduate student pursuing my computer science engineering at Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology. I love things related to Deep Learning and Data science. I am passionate about building intelligent applications that help and make the world a better place. My research interest focuses on Computer Vision, Deep Neural networks and few fields of Cognitive Science.

I am now working as a backend engineer at caravel.ai where I am involved in developing applications and responsible for system architectures and building APIs in Django. I also serve as a Contributing Member at Python Software Foundation and former president at COSC(Chaitanya Bharathi Open Source Community).

When off the path I write, listen to music, read books and understand people.


  • Backend Engineer, Founding Member, Caravel.AI

    May 2017 - Present

    Woring in the application development team, building high level API's and database architectures, in django. I mainly work on deploying applications into productions sometimes making them more intelligent by embeding machine learning.

  • President, COSC

    July 2017 - September 2018

    At COSC, we build production-level applications, organise meetups and talks on latest open source technologies mostly concerning internet and artificial intelligence. The organiser for several sessions and lectures, President for DjangoCamp, Hyderabad and Program-Chair Deep Learning and Algorithms Bootcamp.


  • Image Filter Selection, Denoising & Enhancement based on Statistical Attributes of Pixel Array.  Vihar Kurama, Dr. T. Sridevi International Conference on Advanced Computing, Networking, and Informatics - 2018, NIT-SILCHAR.

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